Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Moon ~ Novel

Well, I just can't wait until I go to US to buy the box set so I settled with the paperback version from Kinokuniya yesterday, and off course finished the whole book at the same day. So much for my New Year's Eve.

New Moon as a sequel of Twilight in some ways answers most of my rantings on Twilight, which is to my delight.

  • It has more intense emotional roller coaster. Check!
  • It has more adventure and ala Da Vinci Code style chasing and adrenaline rush. Check!
  • The story plot runs faster with lots of emotional turbulence already on a spree from the beginning. Check!
  • Now the rating improve to 'PG'. With more violence lurking around as Bella went suicidal and thanks to those werewolves. But, I have yet to see Vampire on Vampire action, so, it stays as 'PG.' Reluctantly, but I'd still give it a Check!

The story begin with happy moments between Bella and Edward but was soon jeopardized by one tiny accident and led to another disaster, which left Bella ended up alone and in much despair for months (you'll be cursing Edward during reading these chapters). Then in the course to move on, Bella encountered another mythical creature in Forks, werewolves. And now Bella was thorn on which side should she be, Vampires or Werewolves?

The only part of the book that I don't really fancy is only the werewolves part. I'm a vampire story junkie, not a werewolves story junkie. It's a reason why I can read so fast because I just basically run through the middle section of the book like I run through accounting textbook. Only the difference, this one is more exciting than textbook. Another reason why I can move from one page to another faster than when I read Twilight is that I don't need to use so much manga/anime imagination for werewolves. I'm lacking references for werewolves. haha... To me, vampires, especially in this book, look much more kakkoii especially with their cars compare to the werewolves.

One more note to my anime/manga imagination. I really think Alice should be pictured wearing goth loli costumes, complete with the dark hair ringlets, during the entire book. It suits her perfectly. And after discussion with Koala, we agree that Kame will serve more justice as Edward. Haha... but that's just my imagination running wild.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twilight ~ Novel

Feel bizarre that I read books? Yes, even this yours truly also am in owe. First reason why I ended up buying the book is because I won't get to watch the movie, which currently screening in Singapore, but then again I also feel reluctant to watch because of the not so raving review. Definitely will see the DVD when it comes out. Second reason is this is a vampire story. Anything related to vampires, werewolves and wizards is a must watch/read for me (but off course after a careful selection and sorting). Third reason, the book is on sale, period.

The story, off course it's about the love story between a vampire and a human, in teenager context. The vampire starts to open his heart after decided not to avoid the attraction he felt for the girl any further. Then, the girl already dazzled by the vampire's beauty, accepted the feeling and were happy despite lots of questions and issues lingered. One fine day, a villain came, obsessing in hunting and kill the girl. Then the action and adrenaline rush started to kick in.

So, how's the book fares? Well, I spent 2 sleepless weekday nights and came to work like a zombie on the next day. The story telling is from the heroine's point of view but the style is quite different from the usual Western novels which I find it quite fascinating. I like the dialogs between Bella and Edward. They're very smart, quirky and entertaining to read. The setting is at Forks, Washington, reminds me of how green the area outside Seattle is. It somehow brought me some nostalgic feeling.

Enough about the good stuff, now here're some of my rantings:

  1. The story flows very slow! The first 75% of the book is focusing on the emotional development between Bella and Edward. It makes me anxious when reading it and starting to demand some actions, which come in when last frew chapters of it and to my disappointment it only lasts about not even close to 20% of the book.
  2. It's rated 'G'. 'PG13' not even up to par. And here I was having watch too much anime and shoujo manga demanding more actions, both in violence and romance department. And I was definitely wrong in applying shoujo manga standard while reading the book. I mean, come on, even Vampire Knight has more bloody scenes and more excruciating emotional turmoil than this. I haven't even come to Hellsing Ultimate. And now I wonder why Gundam series is for kids?
  3. With that said, it takes me more time reading pages by pages because I tried to visualize what shoujo manga look like while I'm reading the book. When I said it's interesting on the top, it's because I keep, and I cannot stop, imagining each scenes as manga-like scenes. Especially Edward and Bella's expressions when they're having the arguments and interrogations. I definitely must add on those nose bleeding and Mabushii scenes from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge because it's so perfect and fitting in the story line. Can't help it, just can't help it.
  4. The best thing about books is that it allows you to further your imagination. Without this factor, I don't think I'll be able to finish the book. There's no doubt that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are very right for Bella and Edward's casting. But being an anime and manga junkies, I just can't help imagining Yuuki and Zero instead, or even worse, I keep having dilemma in imagining Edward's character. Is it supposed to be Kaname Senpai or Zero? Or some other cool bishounen from La C'orda D'oro (hahaha... yes, got no correlation but I also don't know why that anime just bursted out in my brain when I was reading twilight)? Or worse, I even imagined Bella should look like Sunako and Edward should look like Kyouhei. I mean, the mabushii factor is already in, why not cast in the same characters. And the rest of the Cullens can be taken from Saionkoku Monogatari. O, having Ren from Skip Beat as Edward also is not a bad idea. Hmm... those fan fiction writers should get a hand on this book and recreate another set of story hahaha....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

BOYS エステ

Finally!!! Somebody is doing the fansub for this 2007 dorama. Ureshii naaa.... I've been wanting to watch this dorama because 1. The theme is interesting 2. It's ikemen paradise (fufufu) 3. Another entertainment for the heart (you can laugh and gawk at the same time).

The dorama is based on the manga with the same title by Souko Masaki. It's the story about a high-schooler with a God hand named Akagi Hibiki who do to his complex starts working part time as a trainee in Boys Este esthetic salon. With lots of clients hanging around at the salon, there's Koiwai Shizuka, a high school girl who starts going to the salon to get rid of her insecurity. What's the next step for this 2 teens? Interesting right?

The dorama tells enlightening stories of each of the este costumers, from their problems, their dreams, and how the bunch of ikemen help their customers to overcome their insecurities. I also like the part of Shizuka dellusions, complete with the pink hearts pouring out from her, which is hillarious and so manga like.

Again, you'll feel dejavu with the casting.

  1. Kashu Toshiki is the Kamen Raider Agito. To imagine a kamen rider is an esthetician is very unlikely, until now...
  2. The manager, Kanau, played by Ikeuchi Hiroyuki is seen alot in Bambino
  3. Hibiki, played by Nakamura Aoi, will be the main cast for Q.E.D (will be released in 2009, another dorama to look forward to).

And last but not least, here is the dorama chart (I start to get addicted to look at the dorama charts haha):

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Friend

I watch the dorama because of the OST, unlike normal people who search for the OST after watching the dorama. The OST is by Utada Hikaru with title 'Prisoner of Love.' I embeded the youtube clip on my previous posting. Love the song, so must watch the dorama (what kind of logic is that? Saa....)

Here is the dorama synopsis from dramawiki. Am too lazy to retell the story. It's a pretty heavy dorama with lots of dilemma and current issues in society. Michiru, the main character is dealing with domestic violence in and out her household. Ruka, the other main character, also has a handful dilemma and mental suffering. The male lead, Takeru, has his own issues too. And Michiru's boyfriend, Sousuke? You'll be cursing him from the 1st episode. I did and I want to see him suffer for once (yet to see this, but hopefully I get what I want to see).

What I like about this dorama besides the story and the OST is the casting (which basically tallies to everything here). You'll see reminiscence of Nodame as Ruka (Ueno Juri) and Takeru (Eita) is in. But their character is definitely 360 degree different from the hillarious side of Nodame. Now I'm a fan of Ueno Juri (I like her since the Swing Girls and off course Nodame). She can do practically any roles! In here, she plays a tomboy Ruka who loves Michiru (not sure where it leads to, but the relationship reminds me of Nana, just that it's shown blatantly in here). You'll also see dejavu of Proposal Daisakusen. I have yet to watch this dorama but is now in my must watch list as it seems that there are always people from this dorama on the other doramas that I watched.

And off course, to attract more fan girl viewers, they have to throw in at least one Johnny's Jr ikemen *wink*. This time it's NewS' Nishikido Ryo. But must give a thumbs up to Ryo because of his villain character as Sousuke. His merciless glares when he's angry is enough to give me chills. He's also casted in '1 Liter Tears' (the ultimate tear jerker and it's based on real story).

So while I'm preparing some tissues now to continue watching this dorama, here is the dorama chart to look and ponder. Don't worry, this is not that complicated. Saw more complicated chart in those Samurai doramas, like Yoshitsune for example (you definitely have watched this 50 episode dorama if you're a Takki fan).

Friday, December 26, 2008

宇多田ヒカル ~ Prisoner of Love

Another 宇多田ヒカル song in 2008.

Prisoner Of Love -Quiet Version- - Utada Hikaru

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Heiki na kao de uso o tsuite waratte
Telling lies with a smiling straight face

Iyake ga sashite raku bakarishiyou toshiteita
I’m tired of this, I just try to be at ease

Naimono ne dari buruusu mina yasuragi o motometeiru
Having blues for wanting too much, everyone is seeking peace

Michitariteru noni ubai au ai no kage o otteiru
In contentment, they are struggling to chase love’s shadow

Taikutsu na mainichi ga kyuu ni kagayakidashita
Boring days stats to shine

Anata ga arawareta ano hi kara
Since the day you appeared

Kodoku demo tsurakutemo heiki da to omoeta
It’s allright though it’s lonely and tough

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Yameru toki mo sukoyakanaru toki mo
In sickness and health

Arashi no hi mo hare no hi mo tomo ni ayumou
Let’s walk together in the bright day and stormy day

I'm gonna tell you the truth

Hito Shire zurai michi o erabu
I’m choosing the hard way

Watashi o ouenshite kureru anata dake o tomo to yobu
You cheer me on, you’re the only one I call a friend

Tsuyogari ya yokubari ga muimi ni narimashita
The greed and fake strength become meaningless

Anata ni aisareta ano hi kara
Since the day I was loved

Jiyuu demo yoyuu demo hitori ja munashii wa
Even freedom and having my own privacy, it becomes vain

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh もう少しだよ
Oh Mou sukoshidayo
Oh Just a bit more

Don't you give up

Oh misutanai zettaini
Oh I won’t eve leave you

Zankoku na genjitsu ga futari o kirisaseba
If cruel reality set us apart

Yori issou tsuyoku hikare au
We’ll pull back even stronger

Ikura demo ikura demo ganbareru kigashita
No matter how much, we can stand firm

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Arifureta nichijou ga kyuu ni kagayaki dashita
My everyday days starts to shine

Kokoro o ubawareta ano hi kara
Since the day you take my heart away

Kodoku demo tsurakutemo heiki dayo omoeta
It’s allright though it’s lonely and tough

I'm just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me

Hitori ni sasenai
I won’t leave you alone

宇多田ヒカル ~ Heart Station

HEART STATION - Utada Hikaru

Hada samui ame no hi
A day of chilly rain

Wake arige na futari
Seems we both had reasons

Kuruma no naka wa rajio ga nagareteta
The radio was played inside the car

Sayonara nante imi ga nai
The word ‘good bye’ means nothing

Mata itsuka aetara
If we could meet again

Suteki to omoimasenka?
Isn’t it wonderful?

Watashi no koe ga kikoetemasuka?
Can you hear my voice?

深夜一時のHeart Station
Shinya ichiji no Heart Station
On the 1am Heart Station broadcast

Chuuningu fuyou no daiaru
No need to adjust the tuning

Himitsu no heretsu
It’s a secret frequency

心の電波 届いてますか?
Kokoro no denpa todoitemasuka?
Does my heart wavelength reach you?

罪びとたちのHeart Station
Tsumibito tachi no Heart Station
Heart Station of sinners

Kamisama dake ga shitteiru
Only God knows

I miss you

Wasurenakya ikenai
I need to forget you

そう思うほどに どうして
Sou omou hodoni doushite
That’s what I think about, why

Ii omoidetachi bakari ga nokoru no?
I only have good memories of you?

Hanareteitemo anata wa koko ni iru
Even when we’re apart, you’re here

Watashi no haato no mannaka
In the center of my heart

Anata no koe ga kikoeta kigashita
Thought I heard your voice

深夜一時のHeart Station
Shinya ichiji no Heart Station
On the 1am Heart Station broadcast

Itsumo doko ka de natteiru
Always echoing

Futatsu no parusu
Two pulses

心の電波 届いてますか?
Kokoro no denpa todoitemasuka?
Does my heart wavelength reach you?

恋人たちのHeart Station
Koibito tachi no Heart Station
Lovers’ Heart Station

Konya mo rikuesutokitekimasu
Another request for tonight

I Love You

Watashi no koe ga kikoemasuka?
Can you hear my voice?

深夜一時のHeart Station
Shinya ichiji no Heart Station
On the 1am Heart Station broadcast

Ima mo bokura o tsunaideru
Even now it’s connecting us

Himitsu no heretsu
The secret frequency

心の電波 届いてますか?
Kokoro no denpa todoitemasuka?
Does my heart wavelength reach you?

罪びとたちのHeart Station
Tsumibitotachi no Heart Heart Station
Heart station of sinners

神様だけが知っている 秘密
Kamisama dake ga shitteiru himitsu
Only God knows the secret

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas and countdown to Year End 2008

It's Christmas Eve and here I am, slouching on my dear sofa multitasking between my laptop screen and my beloved TV screen. Feeling the festive mood? Definitely not now. The festive mood was in deed very happening in the office with all the gift hunting and exchange modes and Christmas lunches. We keep having lunches that even I was scared if I see what my December's eating schedule looks like. Thank goodness they all were lunches, not dinner.

But as I spend and will spend this Christmas Eve in luxury of a couch potato with Jim Carey as the Grinch in the telly, I start to ponder about Christmas. Another year will soon pass. Lots of things happen this year. Lots of travelling, from HK to Bangalore. Lots of shopping, from Burberry bags to Agnes B bags (what's with me and bags, I wonder...). Lots of exams, from Masters to CPA to JLPT. Work wise? This year is yet another switch of company, but at least this time is for the betterness.

Seems hectic? Yes, in deed. With all the chaotic plans and schedules flying around, the busy bee here very seldom think and ponder about live until quiet moments arrive, like now. Should I look back to evaluate on how much I've achieved? Or, should I look forward to plan for the next year? I did make some plans and goals for 2009 that hopefully am able to check all them off by the end of 2009.

But as years come and pass, I seems to always neglected 1 part, the love life. I've been a single fighter for a number of years now, though I have lots of happy moments but I do also feel lonely sometimes especially when I come to realization that now most of people that I know are either married or having their ow family to spend time with. So that leaves this dear me here. Again, I also wonder, will I be happier than now should I have my own certain someone? May be, may be not. We all don't know what lays ahead. Am sure that those in the same situation will ponder upon the same thing. Still not sure on how to improve this part of my life, but one only can ask for God's mercy to look upon me.

With that, I'll continue to live merrily and enjoy what's left in 2008. Have a very merry Christmas every one, and don't forget to have a Turkey! *wink*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Arashi ~ アオゾラペダル

Still trying to translate 'パレット' to no avail *sobs*. But to make consolation, here is 'アオゾラペダル', quite oldies from Arashi but still very light to the ear with deeper meaning plus a summer-theme PV with the storyline nicely describing the lyrics:

Omoi kiri funzuketa
Pedaru wa marude
The pedal I stepped on spun forcefully
Sora o tobe sounakurai
as though it could take flight to the sky
Ikioi o tsukete mawatta
Ushiro ni noseta kimi no
Mawashita ude ga
Boku no koto itsumoyori
Tsuyoku dakishimeta kigashita
The arms that you wrapped around me from behind
seemed to tighten a little more than usual
Ano hi no kaze no iro wa
the color of the wind from that day
Omoi daseru keredo
I can remember
Ano toki no yume to hibi wa
but the times, dreams and days
Sutto kusundamama
I had bad then remain
Asu o mabushii kurai ni
Umaku egako utoshite
We wanted to paint a tomorrow so bright and perfect
bokura wa kirei na
Iro o nurisugita mitai
That we seemed to have used too many pretty colors
chotto kakkowarui koto mo
using the colors of lameness
Kowareta yume no iro mo
and broken dreams
Paletto ni hiroge
on our palette
Mou ichido asu o egakou
So let's paint tomorrow again,
Kawazoi sutto kudatte
Following the riverbend to its tip
Tachihiri kinshi no
Saku o koe kasenjiki no
Saki made pedaru o koida
I pedaled through the fence with the "no entrance" sign
Jitensha o nage suttee
Throwing down the bicycle
Miageta sora
I looked up at the sky
azayakana sono iro wa
the vivid color
Kokoro kara kienai noni
will never leave my heart
Ano toki no kimi no egao
How you smiled back then
Omoi dasoutoshitemo
I try to remember that
Nanka umaku ikanakute
but without any luck,
Itsumo togireteshimau
it's always breaks off
Kanashii peeji nante
Nakatsu koto ni shiyou toshite
As if the sad pages never existed
Bokura wa ikutsu mo
Iro o kasaneteshimatta…
we painted many colors over them
きっとぬりすぎた色ってKitto nurisugita irotte
A page with so many colors
Shiro ni modorenaikedo
will probably never be white again
Sore de ii
but that's okay
Atarashii iro de asu o egakou
let's paint tomorrow with a brand-new color
Asu o mabushii kurai ni

Umaku egakou toshite

We wanted to paint a tomorrow so bright and perfect
Bokura wa kirei na
Iro o nurisugitamitai…
that we seemed to have used too many pretty colors
Chotto kakkowarui koto mo
using the colors of lamesness
Kowareta yume no iro mo
Paretto ni hiroge
and broken dreams on our palette
Mou ichido asu o egakou
so let's paint tomorrow again,
Kitto nurisugita irotte
A page with so many colors
Shiro I modorenaikedo
will probably never be white again
Sore de ii
but that's okay
Atarashii irode asu o egakou
let's paint tomorrow with a brand-new color

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Exile ~ Ti Amo

There're 2 chapter of PV for this 'Ti Amo' number, don't miss them :). Love this ballad!

Nichiyoubi no yoru wa beddo ga hiroi
On Sunday night, the bed seems so wide

Nemuranai omoi daita mama asa o matsu
I was sleepless waiting for morning

Kaeru bashou ga aru
You have a place to go back

Anata no koto suki ni natte wa ikenai
I was not supposed to love you

Wakatteta hajime kara
I knew that from the beginning

Dore dake no omoinaraba ai to yonde ii no deshouka?
How much to you I have to feel to call it love?

Kono mune o shime tsuketeru kimochi ni namae o kudasai
Please name this tightening feelings in this heart

Kisu o suru tabini me o tojiteru no wa
Every time we kiss, I close my eyes

Ashita o mitakunaikara
Not wanting to see tomorrow

Just by holding me

Tokimeku kokoro wa anata o mada shinjiteru
My throbbing heart will be ale to believe you again

Koe ni dasanai mama aishiteru to sakebu no

And I keep crying out ‘I love you’ in silence

Okimari no seifu na zoru dake no
Like some old saying

Asobi no youna koi ni wa mukai te nai mukashi kara
We’re yet to play the game of love from the old days


Dare hitori kizutsukenai koi o hito wa ai to yobu keredo
People call it passion when no one is hurs

Kono tsumi o seoi nagara ikiteku kakugo wa dekiteru
While burdened with this sin, I was able to keep on living

Heya o deru toki wa sayonara janakute
Everytime you leave the room, please don’t say ‘Good bye’

Oyasumi to itte hoshii
I want you to say ‘Good night’ instead

Shuushifu kurai wa watashi ni utasete
I was hit with the word ‘it’s over’

Sore ga saigo no wagamama
That’s the last selfishness

Hitori kiri dewa mou rabu songu wa utaenai

When I’m alone, I cannot sing any love song

もっと早く会えたら あなたと知り合えたら
Motto hayaku aetara anata to shiri aetara 
If we’ve met earlier, I’d know you more

Futari no hohaba o awaserareta noni
Though, we still have a long way to go

もっと長く会えたら あなたと向き合えたら 
Motto nagaku aetara anata to muki aetara

If I could see you longer, if I could face you

Futari wa kokoro mo kasaneteta
Our hearts would be pilled up

Kisu o suru tabini me o tojiteru no wa
Every time we kiss, I close my eyes

Ashita o mitakunaikara
Not wanting to see tomorrow


Just by holding me

Tokimeku kokoro wa anata o mada shinjiteru
My throbbing heart will be ale to believe you again

Koe ni dasaai mama aishiteru

And I keep crying out ‘I love you’ in silence

Boku wa yowai ne to jibun kara tsugeta
You told yourself that I’m weak

Zurui hito dawa anata wa
But you’re the cunning one

Tokei o hazushite hohoendekureru

Smiling at me

優しいひとね あなたは
Yasashii hito ne anata wa
You’re the kind person

Egao o kuzusanaide uso o minukitakunai
Please don’t take my smile, I don’t want to see through your lies

Ti Amo ~ chapter 1

Ti Amo ~ chapter 2

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mr. Children ~ エソラ

~Latest Mr. Children's song, thank's to the Internet, I was able to get the lyrics, translation and convert the romaji all together.

二足歩行してる からっぽの生き物
ni soku hokoushiteru karappo no ikimono
Full of lies, an empty living thing unconsciously

muishiki ni rizumu o kizandeiru
finds rhythm cutting through it all

furuboryuumu no LR nishibondeta yume ga fukurandeiku
sound coming at full volume from the left and right inflates those
withered dreams 

kimi ga hanashiteta no asoko no fureezudaro?
was it that phrase you said now?

marude bokura no tame no uta no youda
it seems like it's for our song

kimi wa donna kaooshite kiitetano?
what kind of face did you have when you heard it?

amaku setsunaku mune o kogasu hibiki
Quietly and painfully yearning for those sounds

merodi rain ga hanatta
The melody lane lets out

karafuru na mahou no fureezu
a colorful magical phrase

Kagayaki o maki chirashi tewa bokura ni yume o miseru
Radiant light scatters and we can see our dreams

明日へ羽ばたくために 過去から這い出すために
ashita e hane bataku tameni kakokara haidasutameni
to flap our wings towards tomorrow and crawl out of our pasts

Oh Rock Me Baby Tonight

hora motto boryuumu o agerunda
hey raise the volume some more

天気予報によれば 夕方からの降水確率は上がっている
tenkiyohou ni yoreba yuugata kara no kousui kakuritsu wa agatteiru
According to the weather forecast, the chance for raining is going up this evening

でも 雨に濡れぬ場所を探すより
demo ame ni nurenu bashou o sagasuyori
but instead of looking for some wet place,

hoshisora o shinjidakakeyou
let's believe we can find a starry sky

雨に降られたら 乾いてた町が
ame ni furaretara kawaiteta machiga
the rain fell on as they dry out

nijinde kirei na hikari o hanatsu
bright lights shine throughout the streets

心さえ渇いてなければ どんな景色も宝石に変わる
kokorosae kawaitenakereba donna keshiki mo houseki ni kawaru
even your heart thirsts for more, as any scene turn into a jewel

yagate ongaku wa nari yamutookattete
Soon enough you'll realize that the sound of music will stop

soredemo bokura wa kyou o odori tsuzuketeru
but even then we'll keep on dancing today

忘れないために 記憶から消すために
wasurenaitameni kioku kara kesutameni
to never forget and keep out memories from fading
Oh Rock Me Baby Tonight

mata atarashii suteppu o fumunda
we still have to take the next step

Merodi rain ga egaita
oo the melody lane draws a colorful and hopeful phrase

karafuru na kibouno furemmu
raidant light scatters

kagayaki o maki chirashite wa bokura ni yume o miseru
and we can see our dreams

めぐり合うたびに さよなら告げるたびに
meguri aeutabini sayonara tsugerutabini
each time we come back together and each time we say good bye

Oh Rock Me Baby Tonight

さぁ踊ろうよ ボリュームをもっと上げるんだ
saa odorouyo boryuumu o motto agerunda
so lets dance and raise the volume a little lot more

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kat-tun ~ White X'mas

Kat-tun's latest single specially for this X'mas.

銀色きらめく街 雨が雪に変わった
Giniro kirameku machi ame ga yuki ni kawatta
The street glittered with silver as rain becomes snow

夢色眩しい未来見てた あの日のクリスマス
Yumeiro mabushii miraimiteta anohi no CHRISTMAS
I saw the dream colored future on that day of Christmas

あなたを見て笑った 聖なる夜に
Anata o mitewaratta seinaruyoru ni
I smiled at you on that sacred night

涙が溢れたね 永遠に好きなのに 何故
Namida ga afuretane eien ni sukinanoni naze
The tears overflowed, though I will love you forever, why?

今雪が舞い散る この空の遠い向こうには
Ima yuki ga maichiru konosora no tooimukou niwa
Now the snow dances as they fall, and at the sky far beyond here

新しい誰かが待つ 消せぬ想い抱きながら
Atarashii dareka ga matsu kesenuomoi dakinagara
Someone new is waiting, holding on to a feeling that will never fade

あの頃笑い合った 何も怖くなかった
Anokoro waraiatta nanimo kowakunakatta
We smiled at each other in those days, we were not afraid of anything

あなたの優しさを傷つけた あの日のクリスマス
Anata no yasashisa wo kizutsuketa ano hi no CHRISTMAS
But I hurt your kindness, on that day of Christmas

夢とか希望探して 彷徨うだけ
Yumetoka kibousagashite samayoudake
I searched for dream and hope, and I found nothing but lost

見上げた空高すぎて 掴めないよ 届くのに 何故
Miageta sora takasugite tsukamenaiyo todokunoni naze
The sky I look up to is too high, I cannot hold on to it even if I can reach it, Why?

今雪が舞い散る あの頃の迷わぬ気持ちは
Ima yuki ga maichiru anokoro no mayowanu kimochiwa
Now the snow dances as they fall, the unhesitating feeling of those days

新しい明日へ続く 二度と戻らないストーリ
Atarashii asuhe tsuzuku nido to modoranai STORY
Continues on to a new tomorrow, a story that will never return

歩き出せば戸惑うけど 手で融けた雪の花びらは
Arukidaseba tomadoukedo tedetoketayuki no hanabirawa
Even though I will wonder as I start walking, but the snowflakes that melted in my hand

またいつか巡り合って 心確かめるだろう
Mata itsuka meguriatte kokoro tashikameru darou
Will comeback again someday and reassure my heart

KAT-TUN White Xmas. - kat-tun

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I suddenly remembered of this 2007 dorama when I was riding the MRT back home. It was a very fun dorama to watch. The idea of 山おんな壁おんな ('Yama Onna Kabe Onna' or 'Mountain girl, Wall girl') may not be amusing for Western culture especially those who promotes feminism because it takes mountain and wall as another way to compare how big your boobs are. However, despite being offensive and blatantly sexual harassment at the workplace hazardous moments throughout the episodes, this dorama sends a wonderful message for ladies out there that what matters is to be confident and comfortable of who you are to be successful despite of your physical appearance.
The story resolves around Megumi's life as a top sales person in the handbag department of a department store. Though appears to be confident and always on top of the game at doing her job, she actually feels very self conscious and not confident at all when it comes to her merely A-cup sized chest. And to make things worse, one fine day, the department welcomes a new transfer girl named Marie (Kyouko Fukuda) who sells handbags effortlessly and has one more asset, a very voluptuous chest (described as a G-cup in the dorama). Definitely feeling the pressure and competition, Megumi, in her own way, tries to overcome all the challenges lying ahead of her and moreover, to overcome her consciousness over her chest.
As I mentioned, this dorama is full of what we would call in reality as sexual harassment at the workplace as the male coworkers literally gawking at Marie's chest and make obvious passes on her. On top of that the dorama very often shows the flying buttons out of Marie's uniform (how convenient). Put aside the feminism issues, this dorama definitely entertaining with added romance department.
Despite being flat-chested, many guys swooned over Megumi and they don't regard her being flat-chested as a hinder and they even praise Megumi's success in her carrier as a plus point.
So girls, the moral of the story is, you just have to be confident and certainly be yourself and good things will come eventually.

Another plus point, I just found out that Matsumoto Jun are in Episode 4! So, definitely not to be missed! And to make it even better, the OST is by one of my favorite boyband, Exile.

Toki no Kakera - EXILE

Nodame Cantabile ~ All version

This is the only story thus far that keeps me laughing no matter how many time I watch the anime/dorama or read the manga. Yes, it comes in all forms, manga, anime and dorama. Based on manga with the same title by Ninomiya, Tomoko, Nodame features the journey of both classical music artists if not geniuss of Noda Megumi, Nodame's long form, and Chiaki Shinichi. This totally opposite characters and personalities make a very cute pair and off course a never ending comedy.
What I love from Nodame:
  1. The laughing sessions resulting from watching each episodes and movies. You'll definitely love all the 'Gyaboo' and 'Mukyaaa' generated from Nodame's high pitch tone. Though it looks quite abusive in the dorama but I find it's perfectly fine, in fact amusing at the same time. All the supporting character from Mine, Kuroki-kun to Masumi-chan are totally hilarious, not to mention Nodame's French duo, Tanya and Frank.
  2. The theme is all about classical music and how to appreciate the everlasting by centuries measured music. From Mozart, Brahms, Lizt and many more intriguing pieces, Nodame shows that classical music can be kakkoii, kawaii and express many kinds of emotions. Every time a new piece comes out, it's always accompanied with narrations of the background on how the music is all about, and the history behind it, making the audiences who are mostly classical music blind like me, can relate to it at ease. Off course, the next thing we know, we're watching Nodame's view towards the music which is usually totally not in sync and hilarious and how Nodame overcomes her wall to understand the pieces so that she can play it perfectly.
  3. The romance. This part is always in the grey area as Nodame is always chasing Chiaki and saying that she's Chiaki's wife but at the same time never acts like she actually cares about him. On the other hand, Chiaki always acts pompously that he's not Nodame's boyfriend but ends up acting like one and even demands her attention. It's always not clear on who ends up chasing who. But definitely will keep you interested on how the love for music grows to love. As Chiaki always says, he loves Nodame's music, but he never says he loves Nodame. So, it makes sense when Stressman confronts him to straighten and separate the 2 issues out.
  4. The anime's 2nd season and the movies all features Paris. Added to our enjoyment of watching Nodame and Chiaki, we're also spoilt by the Paris beautiful landscapes and architectures. You have to watch the series to appreciate this point.
  5. The OST! A very unique OST for the anime's 1st season, which will keep ringin in your brain for quite some time until you get over with it. The 2nd season's OST, though are also nice but unfortunately not as catchy as the previous one.

Basically, Nodame is a must watch. Period. :)

Nodame Cantabile

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oatmeal Cookies with Cranberries and Almond

This is my Christmas project. The tin is wrapped tightly with the wrapping paper. All from Daisho. The cookies? It's an Oatmeal cookies with Cranberries and Almond. I received some good reviews from my colleagues so that means this recipe is not bad at all. Can be improved, yes, but it needs practice and a very good instinct during baking time.
125gr unsalted butter
250gr brown sugar
3gr salt
1 egg and 1 egg yolk
20gr milk
188 cake flour
8gr baking powder
4gr baking soda
156gr Quaker oats
100gr dried cranberries, chopped
25gr almond, chopped
  1. Cream butter, sugar and salt until smooth and creamy in low speed
  2. Pour in egg and milk at one go, and cream until blend
  3. Pour in shifted flour, baking powder and baking soda, and also pour in oats at one go, quickly cream until well blended
  4. Using spatula, blend in cranberries and almond until well distributed. Don't over mix.
  5. Make small balls using tea spoon onto the baking sheet. Don't forget to layer the baking sheet with baking paper.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes on 190C

Yield: about 50 medium sized cookies

Sunday, December 14, 2008

蛍の光 ~ ほたるのひかり

ほたるのひかり or Glow of the Fireflies in English is yet another must watch dorama from Koala's list and I finally finished watching it in 1 day marathon. The drama is based on manga under the same title by Hiura Satoru. The story is about a 27 year old OL, Amemiya Hotaru, who works at an interior design company. But Hotaru in the office is totally different from Hotaru at home. At home, she'll be lazying around on the house porch reading manga or eating snacks while drinking beer. And this off course shocks her boss, Takano Seiichi, who is separated from his wife and currently has to stay in his dad's house that is occupied by Hotaru. Their living together sparks the drama and the journey continues.
What I like about this drama:
  1. The comedy. It's so hilarious! Hotaru's himono habits and attitude at home versus Takano's neat and very rigid house rules. And off course Takano, the Buchou, eventually becomes speechless and cleaning up the whole house. Takano calls Hotaru 'Ahomiya' is totally hilarious and the words in front of Ahomiya also constantly changing throughout the episodes. And off course the tone that Hotaru use to call Buchou always manages to crack me up.
  2. The moral of the story. Love is about accepting people as a whole package, the good and the bad, and work it out from there. Your heart will always go to Buchou for tolerating with Hotaru's outrageous himono behaviour. And the Buchou even supports Hotaru in her love journey, which is contradict to his own feeling.
  3. Hotaru's OL wardrobe. Though Hotaru dress only in sweatshirts and jerseys at home, her office clothes are actually very cool and professional, totally 360degrees difference. Off course her other colleagues dresses are fantastic and very nice to look at. Since the setting is summer, the fashion is so appropriate for Singapore weather.

Just nice, IMEEM has the complete OST of Hotaru No Hikari:

Hotaru no Hikari OST

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Another old dorama (released in 2006) from Koala's watch list. Finally just finish this dorama after a long dorama marathon.

たったひとつの恋 or 'Just One Love' is a young love story between Kanzaki Hiroto, a poor boy from a complicated background, and Tsukioka Nao, an ojou-chan (princess) of Star Jewelry. Coincidence or faith allowed them to meet and fall in love, and together they overcome the difficulties and complexity of their love.

You may find the first episode not really addictive because of Hiroto's attitude and the storyline leaving lots of gaps. But as you go along to episode 2 and 3, Hiroto starts to open his heart to Nao and you will find this cute couple is totally adorable. Nao being straight forward with her feelings to Hiroto, while Hiroto himself, once he's certain of his feeling, he really clings to it. No matter how long time has passed (there you go, a hint of spoiler). On top of that, they have friends that are always be there for each other through ups and downs.

What I like about this dorama:

  1. Hiroto! Hiroto is played by Kame from boy band, Kat-tun. I saw lots of his dorama and I like his acting in this drama as one of his best. He portrayed lots of different emotions and expressions on Hiroto. Happy, despair, troubled all combined into 1 Hiroto. One of my favorite Kame's moments is when Hiroto was confronted by Nao's dad because of his mom. I almost grabbed some tissues watching his expression. Another sad moment is when Kame holding the crying Nao's hand on the boat. The anger, frustration, love and sadness are portrayed just nice to be a total tear-jerker moment.
  2. Nao! Ayase Haruka plays Nao. In here, her role is totally different from Hotaru in Hotaru no Hikari (yet another great dorama that I haven't finished watching). Nao is portrayed as a naive and straight forward rich girl but she doesn't discriminate people based on material, though initially it looks like she did. Her character develops progressively to be a stronger and independent girl. I like Nao's character in the end. While the ojouchan attitude still appears sometimes, but that becomes her cute factor and her whole attitude matures too.
  3. Yokohama! The settings, the scenery, you will want to go to Yokohama. Absolutely gorgeous. You'll wonder if Japanese Tourism Board has something to do with it. Even Hiroto's small factory can look so captivating amidst Yokohama scenery. Another wow factor.
  4. Hiraoka Yuuta is in here too as Ayuta, Hiroto's best friend. His role in here is not as significant compare to Yuuki sensei in First Kiss. But, he do play an important role for Hiroto and Nao's relationship.
  5. The fashion is all ultra cute and nice. I always like winter fashion the best and it's proven from this dorama. Nao and Yuka's boots, coats, bags are perfect! And amazingly, a perfect hair for all occassions. Whether Nao's in hospital, school, festival, beach, her hair is totally in perfect shape and style.
  6. Storyline. Off course, good drama must have good storyline. I like how they play out lots of current issues in our society. First, Nao and Hiroto coming from totally different background and social class. Conflict of whether to cling on the love or face the harsh reality of life haunt Hiroto throughout the whole dorama. Then, family comes in the picture. Can you give up your family for anything? No matter how badly your family is, it's still your family, and Hiroto's decision of not giving it up is probably what most people will do. Another next issue is money. In here we see, how money can destroy people's relationship and how money can hurt you. Other issues like how youngsters plan their future, what are they dream and what are their attitudes toward their goal in life,
And off course, with 2 Kat-tun members in the dorama, it would be very fitting that the OST is also from Kat-tun. So here's the PV of 'Bokura no Machi de'

Friday, December 12, 2008

My First CPA Distinction

Finally after a very long wait (seems like an eternity to me), I can login to view my CPA result. And, it's a DISINCTION! Yes, a Distinction and I only take 2 days leave on top of weekend forced studying. Does this mean I'm still studious? Or does it mean I'm just lucky? But, anyway, I'm just excited and happy about my results. It motivates me to take the next dry subject of CPA, Corporate Governance. It's still Accounting Framework, but with the addition of lots of cases.
I did read the evaluation report and apparantly I scored quite high on my case studies questions, which means my essays are not bad at all. Is this another side effect of blogging? If it is, you'll be seeing more and more lengthy but off course hopefully not boring postings. Moreover, I'll try to post more argumentative postings. But, what's to argue? It's not easy to find some topic that you can argue objectively while giving any insightful input at the same time. Usually, what it starts with arguement will soon turn into yet another bitching session. I have yet to mastered the art of sophisticated bitching, but hopefully I'm getting there.
So, tonight I will watch my Nodame with a very cheery heart. Cheers!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Salad 101

Do you know that with the same batch of ingredients that you buy at the same from the supermarket, you can make 1001 salad menu? I do realize this now and am add a nodding agreement why restaurants can come out with 1001 different salad menu based on the same thing.
My main batch of items bought are:
1. Some greenies. You have a wide selection in this category:
  • Celery - they are very cheap, but it's an acquired taste to eat it raw and everyday, so you have to think about the consequences when you decide to pick this.
  • Lettuce - examples are iceberg lettuce (very easily rotten, and that's why it's the cheapest above all and only contain water with no fibre), butter head lettuce (second cheapest option with more visible darker green colour and more flavour), romaine lettuce (love this one, but surprisingly it's highly priced in Singapore).
  • Cabbage - you'll find this a nice change when you're doing Asian salad because Asian salad includes gado-gado (boiled) and kredok (raw) off course and off course the red color one is more suitable for Western style salad.
  • Arugula leave - you'll find this most often at the organic section (have no idea why this leave is so expensive), but do mindful if you want to make this as your main greenies as it tastes bitter with onion-y after taste. But it does go well with fruits and nuts.
  • Baby Spinach - I don't recommend cheap spinach because they have more iron taste. Unless you're in a vampire mode, you can opt for this.

2. Beans/nuts/sprouts - I don't like to suffer eating green salad, so my salad must have something from this category. And this category will make your salad bowl pretty and edible.

  • Tofu - the cheapest above all and meet the nutritious chart too. I like hyakko tofu as you can just pop it out of the box, wash, cut and throw to your bowl. For other type of tofu, you can vary it by bake it with sprinkle of sesame oil and cilantro.
  • Pine nuts - my favorite nuts. It has high fat content so do use it wisely.
  • Chick peas - they usually come in cans. It's filling and starchy and goes well for east or west style salad.
  • Alfalfa sprouts - although this is not in my top list due to the smell but i find it nice to eat especially if you use liquid dressing as it holds the dressing when you fork it out from the bowl.
  • Soy bean sprouts - I like this as a topping but you need to process it first. First, blanch it then wash it with cool water to stop it from cooking and strained (must be as dry as possible). Then, mix it with sesame oil, sugar and salt to your taste. And if you have some kimchi mix on hand, it won't hurt to throw that in too.

3. Fruits - This is my favorite because they add color to your plain salad bowl with no unnecessary taste (bell pepper is OK but can't use it too much and will end up go to the dust bin).

  • Oranges/Grapefruits - Full of vitamin C and fibre. They add flavour and juices to your salad. And they're good for packed lunches because they don't change color.
  • Apples/Pears - They're good for eating at home salad and must eat immediately. You wouldn't want to eat brownish color apple salad right? Pear is a nice combination with Arugula leaves.
  • Dried fruits (eg. Cranberries) - they're good substitutes for nuts but off course with different texture and taste

4. Meats - I'm a meat person so my salad will forever have this category.

  • Chicken - breast meat if you want to have it grilled or just simply minced chicken turned to patties
  • Fish - baked fish is a nice topping for your salad. I like to marinate them in orange juice and cayenne pepper
  • Ham - it's expensive but once in a while it's OK to splurge on what you eat right? Always been a honey baked ham girl, I rarely take any smoked ham.
  • Flanked steak/Roasted beef - Not recommended for your everyday salad as it's expensive and troublesome to make. But off course it's a nice combination to have.
  • Eggs - The cheapest meat substitute. It never fails in any salad style. Do try it in egg mayo, pouched egg, or just sliced hardboiled egg.

My ideal kind of salad must have 1 item out of the 4 categories, so when I do groceries there always be 1 greenies, 2 nuts/beans/sprouts, 2 fruits and 1 meat. And you can have at least 5 varieties of salad to play with for the rest of your weekday.

One example of my salad:

2 stalk celeries, thinly sliced

1/2 packed tofu, baked

2 oranges, peeled and cubed

2 small chicken patties, cubed

Dressing: tsuyu sauce (you can buy any soba/somen sauce, any Japanese tsuyu based salad dressing is a treat). They're low fat and no oil (at least it's not visible, if any).

So, salad anyone?

Friday, December 5, 2008


Found this great anime on It's an old anime released in 2005 (yeah pretty old in deed). Never seen thie before in any of the website so means that probably the license just wearing off (good news for us, yey!).
So what Tactics is all about that makes me rave about it. Off course it's yet another youkai-theme anime. I'm just a sucker for any youkai/vampire/demon (akuma) theme with lots of bishounen in it. Bishounen is a must factor. That's why I never watch those shounen anime though some of them are quite good (The Hellshing Ultimate may be an exception but that will be another different posting).
Second, the synopsis is rather interesting. Kantaro, the priest, was bullied when he was little because he could see youkais (demons) and befriended them. His demon friends told him that to be strong he could unsealed Tengu (the human eating youkai which is stronger than demon). So, since then he's determined to find Tengu, which he did on one of his exorcising mission. And then the journey starts.
Off course like any other Japanese animes. The story will not be that simple-minded. The main character must have some screw up past that will eventually haunt them back in later episodes. For example, in Epi 2, the plot starts to reveal that Kantaro will have chest pain every time a strong youkai is nearby (it was also hinted in Epi 1). But in Epi 2, it adds another clue that it was due to a scar. Now, I haven't watch Epi 3 yet, and that clue definitely will let the audience wonder, won't it? What kind of scar is that? When did he get it? What will happen because of that? And this is what's great about Japanese anime and what makes us be couch potato gawking at our home screen.
Definitely a good choice for past time for waiting the next episode of Kuroshitsuji and Gundam00, which should come out soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arashi ~ One Love

One Love - ARASHI

伝えたくて 伝わらなくて

重なり 今 大きな愛になる

信じている ただ信じてる

どんな君も どんな僕でも


始まりの歌 鳴り響いて


愛している ただ愛してる



There were times when we wanted to say something, but couldn’t
And times when we couldn’t be honest
We’ve overcome those tearful seasons
And now we’re shining so bright
The images of happiness we’ve each painted are overlapping
To become one great loveLet’s live together always
Even a hundred years from now, I’ll swear my love

You’re my everything
Believing in you, just believing in you
The one I’ll share the same times with
No matter what you are, no matter what I am

Every part of it is precious to me
As long as I have you, I don’t need anything else
I know we’ll be happy
I waited for you in the rain

Not even knowing the meaning of kindness
That night when a misunderstanding caused us pain
But still, we’ve made it this far
One invaluable encounter set off a chain of miracles, our memories build upon each other
And the song of a new beginning echoes
To the friends who laughed and cried

And supported us, no matter what happened
The one thing I can say to you now,
From the bottom of my heart, is "thank you"
Even a hundred years from now, I’ll swear my love

You’re my everything
Loving you, just loving you
Let’s make a promise in the tomorrow we’ll share
You’re the one and only person I chose

In this whole world
As long as I have you, any future I have
Will always be shining
La la la…

All Materials from:

Hana Yori Dango Final ~ Movie

Finally finish watching Hana Yori Dango Final movie from Basically this movie is the sequel of Hana Yori Dango 2 where it ended with Tsukasa proposed to Makino in the school basketball court. And now the whole country was in uproar with the marriage news and Makino became an instant celebrity. 2 weeks before the wedding, Makino was entrusted with Doumyouji's family heirloom which was a tiara called 'The Smile of Venus'. But on the night at the hotel, the tiara was stolen by an unknown thief. Then Tsukasa and Makino's journey started to get back the tiara.
The movie itself? Overall it's a so so, but definitely an absolute Hana Yori Dango fan service. Especially for Jun Matsumoto's fans because the movie really only focuses on Tsukasa and Makino, the rest of the F4 appear for a filler only. The story line was excited in the beginning when Tsukasa and Makino travel to Las Vegas and then to Hong Kong, but after Hong Kong, it becomes pretty much predictable. But off course who wouldn't gawk at Makino's wedding dress (I told you it's predictable, so this is not considered to be a spoiler). And, Jun is handsome either in suit or in rag (I'm sure Koala will agree to this).

Some memorable moments: When TV publish the picture of Makino eating nooddle and when Makino confronted the reason with Tsukasa. His reply is totally hillarious and that's what we love from Tsukasa.

OST? Off course, it's done by Arashi like the previous installments. This time the title is 'One Love'. Below is the PV of One Love from Youtube. Off course, I like the song, just like the rest of Arashi's.

Monday, December 1, 2008

OLIVIA ~ Trinka Trika

Music by Jeffry Lufkin

No one is around
Your making it all up
It's time to disarm yourself
Because when you are free
And act naturally
Something begins to happen

Slowly I see you
Wake out of a very serious snooz'in
Right eye, left eye
I feel like on the verge of a big surprise

I'm feeling trinka trinka
It's really happening
My heart is beating steady
But I want to scream!
Internal carousel cues an upright rainbow
Sending out a friendly glimmer

I'm feeling trinka trinka
It's really happening
My heart is beating steady
But I want to scream!
Calling out on a big shift
It knows we are laughing
Together we laugh

This space is open
You're creating in it
I know when you're doing it with joy
Because it has a shine
That no words can explain
It reaches out and touches me

In your rhythm
Some may not understand what you are doing
Oh! behave! now
All of a sudden anything seems possible

I'm feeling trinka trinka
It's really happening
My heart is beating steady
But I want to scream!
Possibilities inspiration galore
Inhale and exhale at the same time

I'm feeling trinka trinka
It's really happening
My heart is beating steady
But I want to scream!
Look what is found
So much to discover
It's never over

Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Kiss

It's an old drama (yes, 2007 release is considered old already), but I just finished watching it (finally). At first I didn't really into this drama after watching the first episode because I got too irritated with Mio (the main heroine) for her selfish brat act. But, one Melbourne deary was a fan of it, keep ranting about the drama on her daily emails especially on Yuuki sensei (yes, I have to admit it, he's very cute and adorable). So, there I was, getting addicted to this drama and finished it this weekend as part of my JLPT learning (yeah right, *smirk*).

First Kiss is about Fukunaga Mio who decides to spend her possibly last summer with her brother, Kazuki, before she undergoes a 50-50 chance of survival heart surgery. This came to surprise to Kazuki who hasn't seen Mio for about 10 years and finds how different she is from his imagination. The Mio now is so hateful with bitchy attitude (the reason why I stop watching the drama). But as the drama moving on, Mio finds love and happiness and change her whole attitude towards life and doesn't want to let go.

Overall, it's a touching drama after enduring the first 3 episodes of bitchy Mio. But, other than Mio, Yuuki sensei will be another reason why we ladies pass our endurance test of watching drama. He portrays a young doctor who is considered by his bosses to 'care too much for the patients' and in the end as a character who will fight for his feelings and doesn't want to let it go just because of his career **ooo so touching**.
FYI, the girl plays Mio is Inoue Mao from Hana Yori Dango and Yuuki sensei is Hiraoka Yuuta from Gokusen (no wonder looks familiar) and Proposal Daisakusen (another must watch drama).

Another point why this drama can be so touching is the OST. They play the OST from string to piano version during the tear jerker scenes and original version during the happy moments and it fits nicely. For me, the OST stucks in my head and now my brain keeps rerunning the tunes which is why I have it on the imeem (alas, I only can find the music box version) on the top and the youtube file below.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chicken Patties and Orange Salad

Still commemorating the salad week, now I start venturing other alternative for greenies because as our logic says, eating greenies for 1 straight week can be sickening if you're not a vegetarian. So, with that in mind, there I was, yesterday at Carefour's fresh produce section, pondering for almost 1 hour, practically memorizing all the price combination. FYI, now I can tell you how much is the minced chicken per kg compare to the filleted chicken breast (it's more expensive, btw). Or, how much is the towan fish compare to Cod fish, and start to calculate how much 1 bowl of salad will cost you after all the combination is calculated. Surprisingly you don't need excel spreadsheet to forecast how much you'll spend for 1 week salad combination. And even more amazing, I can memorize all these price tags with just one glance but can't even remember people's names that I just meet.

So during my venture with my brain keep working on combination and possibilities, one item hit me in the head, Orange! Why didn't I think of it before? It's CHEAP (cheaper than those greenies definitely), full of Vitamin C, and good for your skin, and it has flavor. So here is the next salad recipe.
2 small chicken patties, diced (recipe below)
2 oranges, peeled and diced
1/4 can chick peas (obviously what's left over from my previous salad experiment)
Dressing: Heinz Light Salad dressing (this time I'm too lazy to make my own dressing), max 2 tbsp
Alternative dressing: Honey mayo (mix mayo and honey with a dash of lemon pepper)
Assemble: Throw everything into a bowl and mix well
Recipe for chicken patties
500gr minced chicken
1 packet cilantro or Thai parley
zest of 2 oranges, thinly sliced and chopped
3 tbsp corn flour
Seasoning: lots of lemon pepper
1. Set oven to 200C
2. Mix all ingredients and seasoning well in a bowl. Make sure all the corn flour is well incorporated
3. Align baking sheet with aluminum foil and grease it with cooking spray. Using 2 spoons make huge chicken balls, lay it on the foil and flatten it. Repeat the step.
4. Spray the top of patties with the cooking spray and bake it for about 15 minutes or until it's well done.
Salad tips (yep, another one :p)
1. Do mix and match your greenies with fruit. It's fun. And it adds color to your bowl :). Try fruits like apple, pear, all kind of berries. melons (cantaloupes will be nice). Even the nasty watermelons are worth trying (I don't eat watermelons).
2. Never store fruits together with your greenies. While greenies can be prepared the night before, fruits will be the other way around. The best it to always cut them only when you want to eat them. But off course for busy bees that will be very tough, but you still want to eat fruits. So, the solution is buy an airtight container. Off course this container doesn't apply for fruits like apples, bananas, pears and the likes, which leads to point #3.
3. Soak cut apples/pears with salt water for about 1/2 hour and rinse them before storage. But this old school method won't last your fruits in their cheeky clean feeling color for that long too. Definitely not 24 hours. So fresh cut is still the best. Do allow 10 minutes of cutting fruits in your schedule when preparing salad for your lunches.
4. Add more protein to your bowl. Nuts and peas will be good. I initially want to use pine nuts instead of chick peas. But to my dismay, I can't find any pine nuts. I do find some sunflower seeds in the organic aisle. But why do I want kuaci on my salad? And pay a hefty price to buy it just because it's ORGANIC? So As usual, i try to find cheaper alternatives, and I remember Rachel Ray very often mentions to store chick peas can in your kitchen, it'll come in handy. Thanks Rachel.
5. Fresh fruits give you hassle because you have to cut it? You can have dried food instead. They sell from dried cranberries, blueberries, strawberries (surprised?), cherries, pineapples, apricots. mangoes, orange skins and even now durian is dried. But off course when fruit is dried, their sugar content is also higher than when they're fresh, so you might want to limit the usage.