Saturday, May 16, 2009


Just finished watching this wonderful short anime. Each episode lasts about 12 minutes which I find it very nice.

The story is about an average salary man, Matsumaru. His lived his mundane average life, until he met Aka, an aspiring seiyuu. At the night Matsumaru met Aka, Aka's house was burnt down, living her with nothing, and Matsumaru decided to take her in. Then the drama started.

There are several things that I like about this anime:
1. The story. It's cute and the plot is fast, considering the 12 min run per episode. There are tons of touching moments and the chemistry between Matsumaru and Aka is there. Their relationship is building up and getting stronger through each episode. Matsumaru cheering for Aka when she's down and vice versa, is making the anime looks real as it touched the harsh reality of life.
2. Nekoki. The funny character that connected Matsumaru and Aka, other than them living together. Though it looks weird in the beginning, I mean, who would have thought a cat head attached to a tree is cute (?), but you get to grow in it and by the rd episode, you'll get hook into it.
3. The anime main focus doesn't waiver from Matsumaru and Aka. Again, I think this is one of the advantage of having a short episodes runs which doesn't give you allowance to put junks as filler (sounds like Bleach? Yeah, it's Bleach).
4. This anime is more into dorama rather than anime. I'd like to see it turn into a live action Lol...

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